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What is Medical Wellness

“Medical wellness is an active concern for one´s own health. With the aim of permanently creating a balance between body, mind and soul”

In classical medicine, the focus is on treating symptoms.
Sophia starts with her medical wellness massage, mental training and meditation in the field of self-health-care. She supports people in improving and maintaining their health.
Each treatment is 100% individually tailored, only then the entire program can develop its maximum effect and its full healing power.

You can relax, let go of everyday life for a few moments and experience more well-being and vitality.
It's never too late to start integrating more health, mindfulness and serenity into your life.



Sophia M. Hendriks

Certified medical massage therapist
Qualified mental trainer

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Treat yourself. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and let your thoughts wander.

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