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Where to start?

"How do I determine where to start or what is right for me?"
Start by answering the following questions:

Question 1:
Are you accompanied by physical ailments? Have you been suffering from chronic pain for a long time? Did your surgery or the physiotherapy sessions not bring the desired result?
Annoying or disruptive in everyday life, but not bad enough to see a doctor?
Yes? --> Medical wellness massage
No? --> Question 2



Medical Wellness Massage

This massage is 100% individually tailored and is a mixture of different techniques. It goes far beyond a relaxing wellness massage or a symptom-oriented form of therapy. The medical wellness massage loosens the various tissue structures and at the same time creates deep relaxation. Slow and flowing movements alternate with friction and deeper grips.
Reduces stress, muscular tension and adhesions in the connective tissue.

50 Minuten    €    84,00
80 Minuten    €  124,00


Mental Training

Tips for everyday life

As soon as you understand the thought processes and can imagine more self-confidence, success, health or better relationships, this can develop in real life.

This is especially true for everything that has to do with your behavior. For example, if you feel anxious, shy and weak inside, if you often don't understand people or the world in life, you won't be able to appear really brave and self-confident.

And that's where mental training starts.



Meditate... but how?

Meditating is very simple and has many positive effects on your mind and body:

  • You become more self-confident
  • You dissolve negative thoughts
  • You become less top-heavy

In everyday life, meditation also helps very well: to relax, to deal better with stress and to master anxiety situations more easily.

As a beginner, however, you are usually faced with a few questions:

  • How exactly does meditation work?
  • What's the best way to start?
  • What attitude should I take?
  • What do I have to pay attention to and how do I know that I'm doing it right?